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Making screencast videos

Using video in teacher training

Video enhanced observation

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Wow! I like the use screencast videos. This can make a material much more conversant and self-contained.


Really great tips! I have never tried making screencast videos before, these tips will make it easier for when I want to try it later.


One significant takeaway is that video screening is still a way of teaching so the engagement of learners is still very important. I enjoyed the example of engaging learners in the video :slight_smile:


Loved this one :grinning: so many new things to try :grin:


Very nice that examples are shared to highlight how the quality of images, sound and even the screen size change the affect on learners. And thanks for sharing the copyright-free image websites, these can be useful not only for making videos but also for preparing other kind of materials teachers can use.


Useful tips. Thank you for sharing.