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Using video in teacher training

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Very useful, educational video which has given me ideas for my own teacher training modules - thanks so much for sharing.


Yeah. Videos are a good source for distance learning.


I always wondered if videos could play a significant role in teacher training, this video explains a lot about it.


Yes, this is like a face-to-face training, but on the pace of the trainee.


Video is really useful esp for those who live faraway from less resourceful area, one computer can provide thousands accesses for u to get information you want to learn.


Video teaching breaks the time and space in teaching ,which gives students more flexibility and provides great opportunities for teachers to self-assessment and self-reflection.


I like this platform which can save a lot of time and reduce the cost of communication between teachers and students, but in China, people have no access to google unless they have VPN. I’m finding whether we have a similar tool in China.


This is an effective platform and a medium through which teachers can gain insights.


Having watched this video and the listening to the participants’ feedback, it is definitely time to start thinking about using recorded video in my own lesson on the future.


Using video in teacher training is really insightful, as the recorded teacher training can be used again and again and also it can beyond the limit of geography. Teachers from Far East can learn experience from the West.


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This is a very useful, bite size video. Thanks for making it!


The video introduced a bluetooth-embedded hardware to capture the classroom interaction, which I found quite useful to film the whole class. It is made easier for individual teachers to know their exact body movement and verbal utterances without help from others.


This is superb. I am amazed at how informative this was .Thank you for sharing such brilliant ideas.


This is a very interesting introductory video on how to use video recording for teacher training. I find the use of swivel as a tool for recording as a very high-tech and modern innovation in comparison to the old way of using a static video-recorder. Well done!


This is a great video especially because it covers so many different areas which ordinary videos don’t. Very informative and useful for teacher educators.


It’s important to reflect on your own practice and using a video reveals the reality of what truly transpires in the classroom. It says more than a thousand words, and I like Swivl already. Very useful and beneficial for both trainers and trainees.


I think as a tool for teacher learning, videos have much to offer. Videos are visual mediums that can provide models and implementation guidance for procedures and processes, they demonstrate an intended practice, and they can be motivating. Also, videos can be archived, so users can stop, rewind and review video as many times as they like.


Video as a tool is increasingly being used to ‘reflect and review’ teaching practices. I like how you were able to set up a small piece of non-intrusive equipment (the Swivl) along with a smartphone and how video is being used for CPD purposes - it is easily uploaded and viewable to all within the institution.