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Using screen capture video to encourage reflection on lesson plans, lessons and observations

Making screencast videos

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The steps related to the use of video for teacher learning are very useful! They have the potential to help teachers engage in evidenced based reflection-on-action.


The video shows an interesting and useful procedure to conduct the video-based observation:

  1. Novice teachers self-record the video of their classroom interaction
  2. Self-observation and self-confrontation
  3. Schedule a conference time for both the mentor and the mentees
  4. Conference
  5. The mentor’s observation

This is a very informative video on how to conduct a video-based observation for teacher professional development. I appreciate the instructional steps given in this video too - they’re so easy to follow. Well done!


Vialogues seems to be a good platform to provoke online discussions. Probably, I will use it in future, as it allows uploading of videos and posting of comments and replies.